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The mule deer on our ranches are getting big! Since securing the ranches, we've limited the mule deer harvest quite a bit, then combine that with the fact that all hunting is archery, and you might understand why we're beginning to see some real slugs.

Just last season one of our guides was able to get a shot at a whopper non-typical muley that would get any archer excited.....any muley hunter for that matter. That buck isn't the only one either. We expect the ranches to hold some fantastic muleys is season, as we know last season ended with some real trophies still alive and well.

With the ranches being more than 13,000 acres, there's plenty of room for the mule deer bucks to grow up and live on the ranches without ever leaving. This allows us to feel secure that from one year to the next, the ranch will have many muleys that our hunters will be excited to hunt.

We can custom price our hunts to fit nearly any budget, so give us a call or email and let's talk about how we can help you to a fun and exciting mule deer hunt on a ranch with trophy bucks.

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